Between 1980-84, Bettilu Davies published five young adult novels: The Secret of the Hidden Cave (Zondervan Corp, 1980), “Really Marty!”, Tall Trouble, Marty’s Double Life, and Marty and the Scholarship (Moody Press, 1981-84). Recently, she has switched from young adult fiction to Christian fiction. Her Christian Romance novel, Shepherd’s Song, is under contract with The Wild Rose Press. She is also working on The Puppeteers and a new, untitled novel.

Shepherd’s Song

perf5.000x8.000.inddNewly under contract with Wild Rose Press. Check back for more information on release date.

Cautious and conservative piano teacher Gail Winslow reads murder mysteries to liven up her life. When her hero, concert pianist Brad Shepherd, shows up on her doorstep, she is still under the influence of midnight reading and thinks he is a stalker. She not only breaks his arm but–after much apology–enters into the musical adventure of a lifetime., helping him construct a series he has long dreamed of presenting on television. Meanwhile, Brad struggles to defeat the nagging reminders of childhood taunts here in his hometown, as well as to quell the impossible idea of making Gail a part of his life permanently. She’s a quiet homebody; how can he thrust her into the glamorous but demanding life he lives? Not until they are both forced to put their lives on the line to find a lost child does a solution present itself.