A Needlework Romance

I found this in my files.


Sweet little purl loved a knit wit

Their romance was ripping to shreds

He embroidered a tale oft so crewel

Her poor heart was nothing but threads.

She tattled it all to her mother

Who said, “What a dunce, I perceive!

He’s raveled one yarn or another,

A web of deceit for to weave!

“I tole you and tole you, he’s crafty!

Rose Maling is more to this taste.

As a ship to sail off to the sunset

His canvas is really a waste!”

“I’m not what you think,” said Purl’s lover.

“Not all is just as it seams.

I may not always be perfect,

But Purl is the girl of my dreams.”

“He often leaves me in stitches,

I can count on him ‘cross the world wide.”

Purl did no hemming and hawing:

“I want this man by my side!”

He tucked her hand ‘neath his elbow;

He smiled as he doffed his felt hat.

He danced her around with much bobbin;

They darted away after that.

Her needle-nosed mother was outraged.

She scoffed at the liberties he took,

But love forged its chain ’round two lovers

And the knit witted man sweet Purl hooked.

She gauged her lover correctly–

This love was true to the end.

A needlework romance was crafted

And true love once more on the mend.

Bettilu Davies, 1990




Trees grow abundantly in the Midwest. There are so many sizes and so many different varieties. When I was a child, there was a huge–and I do mean huge–maple tree in our back yard. Mom and Dad owned five acres in all, but the part that we lived on was two lots wide. On either side of us other families owned from two and a half to seven and a half acre parcels.

Most of the kids in our neighborhood liked to play in the shade of our tree and they didn’t have to come to our yard to do it. Depending on the time of day and the slant of the sun, shade from our tree could stretch over to the second property from ours.

The trunk was so big around that a man couldn’t encircle it with his arms. At the base of the trunk on the side facing the house, roots knobs grew together  so they made a circle. When it rained, water stayed in that spot for days. All of us children liked to look at the toad that lived in that circle.

The lower branches on the side away from the house hung down so low, that one day when I was playing under the tree, I saw a snake balancing on a short portion of its tail and stretching up to one of the branches. I thought it very strange that a snake would have a bulge near its head, and then I realized it had swallowed a bird.

I’ve always loved trees. They are such a wonder with branches stretching upward and outward, swaying in the wind and making homes for birds and squirrels. It is amazing that the trunk supports them, but I’ve been told the roots are as big as the branches and counter balances the branches so that the tree usually doesn’t break unless there’s an ice storms and other bad weather. Some branches just get old and rot until they fall on the ground.

I have spent many hours looking out my front window enjoying the trees in our front yard and the one across the street in the church yard. Today Paul and I came home from an errand and found our street was blocked off  by workers who were cutting down the tree in the church yard. I don’t know why they did it. Maybe they had a good reason. They were very good about cleaning up the mess I wish they hadn’t made in the first place.

I will miss that tree.

Letter to Tina

You asked if we had a good time with the college students from Maranatha.

We did have a good time with them. They come down each week (a 1-1/2 to 2 hour drive, I think) to serve in our church as part of their training. I had a few difficult moments beforehand, though. On Saturday when I was making the cookies, I cracked open  an egg and some of the egg white plopped out on my shirt. No problem. Most of it went into the cookie mix. Next I had to put in one stick of melted butter. I must have moved too fast, because some of the hot butter back splashed on my shirt. I held it out from my body and hurried to change my shirt. (Paul asked if the butter cooked the egg white.)

Then I got up very early on Sunday to start the roast in my slow cooker. When I went to get the potatoes from the cupboard, most of them were liquid. So I waited for an hour and when it was light out, I woke Paul up and asked him to go to the grocery store to get more potatoes and lunch meat for the students’ evening sack lunch. When he got back I scrubbed them and threw them in the cooker. I wasn’t sure if the potatoes above the liquid would cook, but I did what I could.
Next I made an apple upside down cake, using a mix for the cake. I got frozen apples out of my refrigerator and mixed them in a bowl with cinnamon and sugar. I wasn’t sure if I put in enough cinnamon, so I kept adding a little more, then threw them in the bottom of a 9 x 12 cake pan. The instructions on the cake mix box said it would take 35 minutes for the cake to bake.  I kept testing it until toothpicks littered the top of my stove, but they all came out wet with batter and finally I gave up and took a shower, figuring I would probably throw out most of it because it would either burn while I was in the shower or would never get cooked at all because of the frozen apple slices. Maybe I should have thawed them first. When I got out of the shower, just minutes before we left for church, the cake was perfectly done. It had taken about an hour and a half. I still worried that I hadn’t put enough cinnamon in the sugar mixture for the apples.
I talked to a friend at church about it and she asked if I’d prayed about it, and I said I hadn’t. She stood right there in the back of the church and prayed for my dinner. It was a busy afternoon with five boisterous college students filling our small, normally quiet house, but we had a great time. One guy said it was the best meal he’d had all week. (Later I realized it was only Sunday, the first day of the week, but I think he included last week too.) One of the students, as he was leaving, thanked me for our hospitality and said they had all been very comfortable. That was the best compliment of all.
God definitely answers prayer.
Aunt B

The Marty Series

The four books of the Marty series are now available from in ebook format! It took several weeks of work to update them.  I was quite nervous about the actual uploading of the books, so I asked my college age neighbor if he could help me out. He was very gracious and generous with his time. Thank you, Michael Cota. Once again you have come through to help me out. I priced the books at $ .99 each. The titles of the four books are: “Really, Marty!”, Tall Trouble, Marty’s Double Life, and Marty and the Scholarship. They are suitable for teens and above.

I will be working on The Secret of the Hidden Cave next. Last week I was the subject of an interview for Beloit Daily News, and Hillary, their reporter, mentioned these books would be available on soon. Now they are.


We returned a few days ago from our vacation trip in Tennessee. We visited our daughter and her family. One highlight of our trip was seeing our fifth great grandchild, John-John. At nine months old, he is crawling away from Mama, then turning back to see her again. He loves his Poppy, my son-in-law, his eyes lighting up when he sees him. That’s good, but what is even more fun is seeing my daughter and her husband’s eyes light up when they see John.

We visited Gatlinburg for a couple of days (lots of beautiful art galleries) and then  I spent a lot of time doing crafting with Anita back at her home. She has a Silhouette machine. She paints a canvas with acrylic paints two or three times, then puts on a coat of Modpodge. After that she applies vinyl lettering that she cut out on her machine to contact paper and eventually to the painted canvas. Then there is more Modpodge. The first one she did was a saying I liked: “I can and I will.” That is hanging by my computer and will prod me during the times when I think I can’t write and don’t particularly want to try anymore. The one that I did myself was “God grant me patience to deal with my blessings.” That helps me in writing and many other ways. I don’t know what this craft is called, but I liked it.

I am back working on my next book. I have a continuing problem with fibromyalgia that often leaves me very tired. I need to pace myself. When I sit down to write, though, I get interested in the story and don’t feel as tired–at least not until the day’s writing stint is over.

We have been concerned about the illness of my daughter-in-law who has had multiple physical problems. My sister also had a big cancer scare. Only six months ago my oldest sister passed away and I was having a hard time thinking that Ann was so ill. However, my sister had a series of tests and she still is in the slumbering stage of myeloma, although the doctors are treating ti proactively. My daughter-in-law is home from the hospital. Vacation was a rest and a physical relief, but the real relief has come in the improved health of Ann and Missy. Praise the Lord for answered prayer.


I have been totally mixed up about when Shepherd’s Song
is available for purchase. First I was told only the ebook would come out on July 22, 2015, then I was told pre-orders were available four weeks July 22nd or June 24th, and then my daughter ordered and received a copy of Shepherd as of Tuesday of this week. I personally got my first copy yesterday.

As I flipped through the pages of the book, my eyes fell on phrases here and there, and I immediately recognized each scene without reading another word. It’s no wonder!  I’ve worked on it for years!

Now I am beginning work on getting the Marty Series published in ebook form. I don’t know how long it will take me to get those four books up and running, as well as The Secret of the Hidden Cave, but I would like them all to be available for purchase. I am also continuing to work on my next book, which I am calling Defeating the Enemy. I am in early stages on this one, but it’s coming along nicely.

And, as usual, I am reading, reading, reading: books to better my writing and books in the stockpile  I bought last year at McKay’s in Tennessee. We will be going back next week, and I’ll probably bring home more. I’m taking four boxes of books I’ve gathered over the last year, so I should have a nice amount of return at this fabulous second hand bookstore. Catch ya later!

Shepherd’s Song Available

Shepherd’s Song is available for pre-order at also has the book available for pre-order. I don’t know how fast copies will get to you, but my daughter has ordered a book and has received a notice that it has been shipped.

When you receive your copy, either by ebook or in print, I would love to hear what you think of it. I’ve worked so many years on it, and the characters have become my friends. I hope you’ll think of them as friends, too.