Life has been very busy for me lately. My husband and I like to get as many medical appointments as we can out of the way before the snow flies, so there have been a lot of them scheduled lately. Thankfully, we are both pretty healthy, in spite of some chronic problems we will always deal with.

Our daughter wanted us to visit her in Texas, so we scheduled our visit during a lull between appointments. God was so good to us. The first two days of our three-day traveling time we had beautiful weather. On the third day there were some storms, but we made it to Nette’s home without mishap. For the next week we enjoyed our daughter, her husband and our two sweet grandchildren. We saw a 77 ft. statue of Sam Houston, fed turtles at a pond and took pictures of a heron, visited an arboretum where my husband stood near a sign labeled endangered species–there’s no one else quite like Paul–and visited a national park. It was there that a little squirrel started following me, to the delight of my granddaughters. When I sat down at a picnic table, it hopped up on the table and hovered near my shoulder. I decided to sit on a swing and sway back and forth (for the first time in probably thirty or forty years) and it followed me there. I don’t know what the attraction was, but probably it thought I had some food to share. Eventually, after I tossed a pine cone in its general direction, knowing I couldn’t possibly hit it, it left me.

The day was beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed the peace and calm of the park. The next day we started home, driving for another three days. It is always so good to come home, even though I had a lot of work to catch up on. In addition to this blog, I will be posting a monthly blog on, and perhaps you’d like to visit there. I’m hoping that tomorrow I can get back to my normal writing schedule. I’m homesick for my normal routine.