Busy Writing About Fibromyalgia

I have completed my second edit of Defeating the Enemy, a novel centering around a young woman who learns she has fibromyalgia. I have sent it out to a couple of readers to review it and am looking for others to review it as well.

Writing is always a long, careful process for me. I want to be sure that what I write will help readers with their own lives. Anita has already sent back some comments on another book I have recently rewritten. Her comments will help me to produce a stronger manuscript as I ready it for publication. I hope someone will do the same for Defeating.

I chose the subject of fibromyalgia because I have it. There have been many emotional ups and downs, not just as I dealt with the pain of the disease, but as I tried to make my life as normal as possible. Many times I have been limited, and I still feel guilt if I can’t do as much as some of my friends. I want to be active for the Lord in my church, but I know I’ll pay the price if I overdo.

I wondered what it would be like for a single woman, desiring a husband and family, to realize that she has a chronic, potentially incurable illness. Would she ever meet a man who would accept her as she is? And what about the man? Could he live with someone he knows would suffer the limitations of a chronic illness. I try to answer some of these questions in Defeating the Enemy.


Allow No Whining

It has been a long time since I have posted to this blog mostly because I have been busy working on  a book with the working title Defeating the Enemy. It is a book about a young woman who learns she has fibromyalgia. She is single, a hard worker, a participator in life. When she learns there is no known cure for fibromyalgia (also known as FMS) she is devastated. She is in pain, and fears her life will always be limited now.

I am trying not to make this book autobiographical, but I can’t help but insert some of my own experiences with FMS. I think I started showing symptoms when I was in seventh or eighth grade. Of course, no one knew what it was then. My parents were at a loss as to what to do for me. Was I just trying to get attention? Was I a liar? After all, I did have ambitions to be a writer; was this another story I was telling?

As I grew to adulthood, there were other explanations. I was too emotional. I didn’t eat right. I was too busy and needed to balance my life. The worst one of all was I had a spiritual problem. When I learned I had a disease called fibrositis, later renamed fibromyalgia, I didn’t believe it for two years. I had bought into all the lies and accusations.

My problems were complicated by experiencing extensive arthritis, called by one doctor “progressive degenerative joint disease.” I have learned to live with both conditions. They are a fact of my life.

I decided I wanted to use what I have learned over the years, so I started writing Defeating the Enemy. It took a year for me to finish the first draft. Tomorrow I begin working on it again after a three week break during which I typed into my computer an old book that I had written in the early eighties. My purpose is not to whine about my aches and pains, but to inform through fiction. I have researched the subject thoroughly, so my information is as up to date and I can make it. I would appreciate your prayers as I continue to work.