Wonderful Weekend

Paul and I had a wonderful time this past weekend. Normally we are each involved in our writing or our crafts–or in my case, household chores. We took a few days, however, to visit family up north.

Just being with loved ones that we rarely see was wonderful, and I want to tell you my sons and grandchildren are outstanding: good looking people, intelligent, and fun to be around, but there was more to our weekend than visiting our relatives.

After very hot, humid weather, we had storms which cooled the temperatures to a comfortable range. Between rains we spent time outside, exploring the gardens. While we were looking at plants, my husband called me over and pointed out a doe and two fawns that had wandered onto the property. I love looking at deer, and as much as I was staring at them, they were staring back at me. We had a similar experience a year ago down the  road from my son’s home.

We took a ride around the lake, stopping at the city’s zoo. I wasn’t up to walking around the caged area, but we drove past several fields and in one of them we saw a buffalo running. (I actually got to see a buffalo roam!) In another field we saw an elk cow. I don’t remember seeing one before. Then there was another deer munching vegetation along the road!

Last of all, as we were driving home we saw some beautiful cloud formations. I couldn’t help commenting that God is so good to us in so many ways. What a wonderful world He has created for us!



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