Writing Energized

Last night Paul and I went to our first meeting of the Stateline Night Writers at the local public library.

Most writers work alone, and when an opportunity comes to meet other writers, we should take it. Because I don’t drive much any more, it is especially nice that Paul is as interested in the group as I am. I am hoping meeting with SNW will stimulate him enough that he will begin writing his own stories.

There was a very interesting mix of people: three reporters (one retired), two English teachers, a young man interested in martial arts and a writing career, as well as others. In the past when I joined a writing group, most of the members were beginners who tried writing out and didn’t stick to it. I don’t fault them for that. It is hard to keep going when you work alone, and rejections from editors can make anyone question whether writing is the right career path for them. Even those who write as a hobby need encouragement.

While I write most days of the week, and have had some publishing success, I think getting to know other writers will prod me when I need to be prodded and will enrich me when I’m    working on my own stories. I was impressed with the rich descriptive language I heard when my new friends read their stories.

Thanks, Lord, I needed that.



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