Busy Writing About Fibromyalgia

I have completed my second edit of Defeating the Enemy, a novel centering around a young woman who learns she has fibromyalgia. I have sent it out to a couple of readers to review it and am looking for others to review it as well.

Writing is always a long, careful process for me. I want to be sure that what I write will help readers with their own lives. Anita has already sent back some comments on another book I have recently rewritten. Her comments will help me to produce a stronger manuscript as I ready it for publication. I hope someone will do the same for Defeating.

I chose the subject of fibromyalgia because I have it. There have been many emotional ups and downs, not just as I dealt with the pain of the disease, but as I tried to make my life as normal as possible. Many times I have been limited, and I still feel guilt if I can’t do as much as some of my friends. I want to be active for the Lord in my church, but I know I’ll pay the price if I overdo.

I wondered what it would be like for a single woman, desiring a husband and family, to realize that she has a chronic, potentially incurable illness. Would she ever meet a man who would accept her as she is? And what about the man? Could he live with someone he knows would suffer the limitations of a chronic illness. I try to answer some of these questions in Defeating the Enemy.



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