Letter to Tina

You asked if we had a good time with the college students from Maranatha.

We did have a good time with them. They come down each week (a 1-1/2 to 2 hour drive, I think) to serve in our church as part of their training. I had a few difficult moments beforehand, though. On Saturday when I was making the cookies, I cracked open  an egg and some of the egg white plopped out on my shirt. No problem. Most of it went into the cookie mix. Next I had to put in one stick of melted butter. I must have moved too fast, because some of the hot butter back splashed on my shirt. I held it out from my body and hurried to change my shirt. (Paul asked if the butter cooked the egg white.)

Then I got up very early on Sunday to start the roast in my slow cooker. When I went to get the potatoes from the cupboard, most of them were liquid. So I waited for an hour and when it was light out, I woke Paul up and asked him to go to the grocery store to get more potatoes and lunch meat for the students’ evening sack lunch. When he got back I scrubbed them and threw them in the cooker. I wasn’t sure if the potatoes above the liquid would cook, but I did what I could.
Next I made an apple upside down cake, using a mix for the cake. I got frozen apples out of my refrigerator and mixed them in a bowl with cinnamon and sugar. I wasn’t sure if I put in enough cinnamon, so I kept adding a little more, then threw them in the bottom of a 9 x 12 cake pan. The instructions on the cake mix box said it would take 35 minutes for the cake to bake.  I kept testing it until toothpicks littered the top of my stove, but they all came out wet with batter and finally I gave up and took a shower, figuring I would probably throw out most of it because it would either burn while I was in the shower or would never get cooked at all because of the frozen apple slices. Maybe I should have thawed them first. When I got out of the shower, just minutes before we left for church, the cake was perfectly done. It had taken about an hour and a half. I still worried that I hadn’t put enough cinnamon in the sugar mixture for the apples.
I talked to a friend at church about it and she asked if I’d prayed about it, and I said I hadn’t. She stood right there in the back of the church and prayed for my dinner. It was a busy afternoon with five boisterous college students filling our small, normally quiet house, but we had a great time. One guy said it was the best meal he’d had all week. (Later I realized it was only Sunday, the first day of the week, but I think he included last week too.) One of the students, as he was leaving, thanked me for our hospitality and said they had all been very comfortable. That was the best compliment of all.
God definitely answers prayer.
Aunt B


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