We returned a few days ago from our vacation trip in Tennessee. We visited our daughter and her family. One highlight of our trip was seeing our fifth great grandchild, John-John. At nine months old, he is crawling away from Mama, then turning back to see her again. He loves his Poppy, my son-in-law, his eyes lighting up when he sees him. That’s good, but what is even more fun is seeing my daughter and her husband’s eyes light up when they see John.

We visited Gatlinburg for a couple of days (lots of beautiful art galleries) and then  I spent a lot of time doing crafting with Anita back at her home. She has a Silhouette machine. She paints a canvas with acrylic paints two or three times, then puts on a coat of Modpodge. After that she applies vinyl lettering that she cut out on her machine to contact paper and eventually to the painted canvas. Then there is more Modpodge. The first one she did was a saying I liked: “I can and I will.” That is hanging by my computer and will prod me during the times when I think I can’t write and don’t particularly want to try anymore. The one that I did myself was “God grant me patience to deal with my blessings.” That helps me in writing and many other ways. I don’t know what this craft is called, but I liked it.

I am back working on my next book. I have a continuing problem with fibromyalgia that often leaves me very tired. I need to pace myself. When I sit down to write, though, I get interested in the story and don’t feel as tired–at least not until the day’s writing stint is over.

We have been concerned about the illness of my daughter-in-law who has had multiple physical problems. My sister also had a big cancer scare. Only six months ago my oldest sister passed away and I was having a hard time thinking that Ann was so ill. However, my sister had a series of tests and she still is in the slumbering stage of myeloma, although the doctors are treating ti proactively. My daughter-in-law is home from the hospital. Vacation was a rest and a physical relief, but the real relief has come in the improved health of Ann and Missy. Praise the Lord for answered prayer.



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