Library Trip

I hardly ever go to the library, because I have so many books in my pile that I have purchased waiting to be read. I also get a daily offer from Gospel E-Books. Almost every day some company offers a free e-book and, if I’m interested, one will be down loaded to my Kindle app.

Recently my daughter was cleaning out her books–some that she had read and some that she hadn’t–and she decided to send some of them to me as a birthday gift. Ten books! All by favorite authors!  Whoo-hoo!

However, some were parts of series, and I didn’t have the first books in the series. So, I made a trip to my local library. I checked out five books yesterday and spoke to a man at the checkout desk. The fact that I am a writer came up, and the clerk asked me if the library had any of my books. I told him about The Secret of the Hidden Cave and the Marty Series. He immediately brightened up and said that he had read my Marty books. Amazing! I had written them over thirty years ago. I told him I had another book coming out within the next year and said to make sure I told him when it is published.

Writing is often a lonely life. It was wonderful to find out that even after thirty years, someone was reading my books.



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