The Sweetest Husband

A few days ago I was deeply involved in something on my laptop, where I do most of my writing, when my dryer buzzed. I heard it but wanted to complete the task I was working on–and I did. When the dryer buzzed again, I jumped up and said, “I heard you. I’m coming!” Across the room my husband said, “You should eat a Snickers bar.”

I laughed as I went down the stairs, thinking of the candy commercial where normally nice people look like grouchy monsters until they eat a Snickers bar and revert to their sweeter natures.

My husband doesn’t need a Snickers bar. He has got to be one of the sweetest people in the world. Oh, he has his moments, but his character is quiet, steady, and often quite humorous. If I am frustrated by something, he will calmly quiet me down by a comment or a gesture. If I make a negative comment about something or someone, he will turn it around and look at the situation in a positive light. He always tries to find the good in people, giving me a different perspective on the subject.

I am so fortunate to have a husband who is a consistent Christian example of what a man should be–and who makes me want to be the woman I should be too.



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