Where do you get your ideas?

Where do you get your ideas? Most authors hear that question throughout their careers. Their answers are as varied as the people who ask them. This is the short answer: LIFE.

Just like an artist has to observe the colors of a blue sky fading as it touches the horizon or the differing shapes of evergreen trees in order to imitate them in a painting, the writer must observe the people he meets so he can write his story accurately. All kinds of things inspire a writer, anything from a turn of phrase overheard in a diner to the tug of a child’s hand when he offers a bushy yellow dandelion to his mother.  In my case,

  • I had a dream that I wrote down (The Secret of the Hidden Cave)
  • The students that I taught, both in school and at piano lessons. (The Marty Series)
  • A magazine article about a hunky orchestra conductor (Shepherd’s Song)
  • And don’t forget the many ideas I got from dealing with my own five mischievous children.

I’ve been told that everyone has a book inside of them waiting to be written. What’s your story? What inspires you? I’d love to read your answers. Don’t be afraid. I won’t steal them; I have plenty of ideas of my own. Until next time…



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