Many years ago my friend Nancy Swanson and I were expecting babies at the same time. It was my fourth pregnancy (but fifth baby) while Nancy was looking forward to her first child. Like most expectant mothers, we compared notes and visiting each other at our homes.

Soon we discovered another interest in common. Nan wanted to be an editor and I wanted to write professionally. Even after our babies were born, we were not too busy to spend time together discussing our dreams and assuring each other that we could accomplish each one.

Whenever I could find a few quiet moments, I would write. Nan began making contacts with other writers and editing their work. Over the next few years I took writing correspondence courses and wrote five books which were published by Zondervan and Moody Press. Before I sent them out, though, Nancy edited them all. One time I wrote that someone carried a tray of lemonade out to the back yard for the heroine’s friends. Nan wrote in her edit, “Wouldn’t the lemonade drip over the edge of the tray? Wouldn’t it be better if you used glasses?” We still laugh about that.

Then Nancy and her family moved away and we eventually lost contact. I wrote several books that were repeatedly rejected. My children needed more attention, my piano lesson business grew and the writing slowed, then stopped. When friends would ask if I were still writing, I would mumble some excuse and change the subject. But deep inside I knew I should be writing.

Then one wonderful day, I got a letter from Nancy. She was working as an editor for The Wild Rose Press and urged me to start writing again. I did. It took a few years and more rejections, but Sherpherd’s Song  is in the editing stages at TWRP;



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