Life’s Aggravating Moments

I’ve written before about my computer problems. They are stretching out, but haven’t defeated me yet.

I took my computer to Best Buy almost three weeks ago and found I had either a defective motherboard or a bad hard drive and the computer needed to be sent away for repairs. Last week I got a call telling me how much repairs would cost and asking if I wanted the company to replace the motherboard. I said it was okay as long as no information was lost. (I have a lot of writing and piano lesson business stored on that computer.) The guy said nothing would be lost, the repair would be done by Wednesday and shipped to the local store. I could pick it up in two days. On Friday I went into the store to pick it up, but was told it wouldn’t be in the store until Saturday or Sunday.

I went home to wait for their promised call. I got it on Monday, but it was late in the day and a winter storm was due Tuesday, so I said I’d pick it up on Wednesday. We made a special trip to Janesville to pick it up. I decided to ask the question I had asked when the tech who was waiting on me three weeks ago discovered the faulty motherboard. I wanted to know how to “share” a document from Word by email. The tech told me I didn’t have Word. I told him I had bought that when I purchased the computer and had it loaded at the store before I brought it home. Josh looked it over and said he would have to reload the Word program and, while he was at it, wanted to look over some other things.

I don’t know what those things were and at this point I am waiting for my laptop computer. I thank God that my iMac, which my husband and I share, is working.



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